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To tap into the treasure troves of knowledge residing in academic greats, we often restrict ourselves to the confines of Ivy-League Schools, where classroom quotas, expensive tuitions and luck dictate enrollments.

Breaking these traditional barriers of learning, Qualia, a subscription video-on-demand platform is dedicated to democratizing your access to prized knowledge. Through carefully curated videobooks, conceptualized and delivered by the most sought-after intellectual gems, Qualia aims to redefine classroom learning.

Our holy grail is to narrow the divide between the intellectual and intellectually curious.

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Subscribe from just $16/Month ($197 Billed Annually) or Lifetime access for $497. Cancel anytime.

Frequently Asked Questions


Qualia is a streaming platform that empowers you to learn exclusively from the best thinkers in the fields of philosophy, mathematics, science, politics, the arts and more. Each Videobook comes with transcripts and is filmed in cinematic quality.

A visual learning tool developed by award-winning documentary filmmakers to enhance one’s understanding of the world.

You will gain access to all Videobooks on Philosophy, Mathematics, Ethics, Cognitive Psychology and more, with over 70 chapters to choose from. Each Videobook includes 10 to 20 Chapters that are approximately 10–30 minutes long. As a member, you will be able to watch or download any Videobook on demand from your smartphone, ipad, laptop, and any other device with internet access.


Qualia has two types of Access Passes:

  1. The Annual subscription would have a yearly payment of $197.
  2. The Lifetime subscription would be a one time $497 payment which gives you uninterrupted access indefinitely.

Both the above subscriptions will give you unlimited access to all Videobooks that can be watched online and offline. 

Under “Manage your Subscription”, simply click the “Cancel membership” button. Or reach out to our support team via support@findqualia.com


How Do Refunds Work?

Refunds will be based on factors such as the type of subscription, usage period and reason for cancellation. You can read more on our Refunds Policy.

There is no monthly option to subscribe however you can register for an annual (billed yearly) or lifetime subscription with the option to cancel anytime.

As you are registering for a subscription, you will be required to tick the “Is this a gift?” option. Once you’ve completed the payment, a pop up will appear where you will be required to provide the details of the individual you are gifting to.

You will have the option to either send a direct gift email or copy a URL that can be shared via any platform you prefer.